Walking down the street with my guard way low

What do you think about when you're walking down the street?

Taking photos and walking means that you let part of your guard down, and as a woman that can be hard to do, because the wall you let down is the one that tells you who else is around and what's happening around you.

Instead of constantly surveying my area for safety, I instead looked around and experienced my surroundings totally. Then I thought, is this how men feel?

If I didn't have to constantly be "on guard" would I experience more beauty? Would I find more joy in my day? 

Spring arrives in Astoria

Would I have a kinship with my community? Would I trust more as an individual? 


What would change if I didn't have to constantly fear that something could happen to me simply because I'm a woman walking alone? Would I make new discoveries?

Old car in Astoria

Would I say hello instead of crossing the street when I see a pack of men soliciting a sidewalk?

post no bills

I took walk in my neighborhood, where I've lived for the past three years, and left one usual item at home -- my guard.

post office

What a world it would be, if we could respect each other enough so all women would feel the bliss I felt for a fleeting few moments.