About me

My name is Kamini Ramdeen and with this site I’m getting back to basics.

My aim is to write a book about the world as I see it, and to accomplish this task that I typically let my own self-doubts talk me out of, I’m going to post book reviews of my favorite stories, share my photography and apparel designs, talk about growing up Guyanese with divorced parents, tradition, culture and how they mix with being a first generation American.

I started my creative journey as a writer at Brown Girl Magazine, it’s the site where I fell in love with the constant change and movement of digital media. I interned at SEOcial Media, moved on to Zee TV’s, and worked for a content start-up before landing at Verizon Media where I now manage breaking news for Yahoo and AOL’s front page.

Despite the growth of my career in the last few years I spent a large amount of my time in 2018 doubting myself and wallowing in the naysayer mantras of unworthiness and the ever present notion of “you can’t,” as my anxiety slowly crept into the forefront of my thoughts.

So, I had to make a change, this year I’m removing an obstacle from my path, doubt, and I’m just going to try. So here is it, the trying, let’s see how we do.